Our Needs

Each fall, the Board has a fund drive to help solicit donations to pay the museum's utilities. This fund drive usually helps cover the water, power, etc.. and has been largely successful. We hope to increase our resources so that we may bring new exhibits and historical artifacts to the museum for all to see. If you think you'd be interested in helping out, see the information below on how to help.

How To Help

  • Volunteer
  • Donate historical items
  • Spread awareness about MMCC
  • Monetary donation
  • If you wish to donate money, please click the donate button below.

    Did you know?

    Union County was established in 1842 from parts of Anson and Mecklenberg Counties. If you have any information, materials, or objects you would like to share with us for our exhibits, please call Norma at 704-385-9392 or come to the museum during normal visiting hours. For more information about contacting us, please click here. For more information about our exhibits, please click here.

    Interested in Helping?

    There is always more work to be done to preserve history and culture. We are always looking for more volunteers to help us in that endeavor. If you're interested in helping, see the information below to get started.

    • Norma Moore - 704-385-9392
    • Phyllis Simpson - 704-624-6214
    • Sarah Horne - 828-781-8731