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Marshville has been a top agricultural producer of cotton since the late 19th century. Due to economic change, the transition from cotton to grains, poultry, and livestock. Free HTML5 Template

African American History

Marshville has been home to many influential African Americans such as Frank Deese, Rosa Allen, and James "Roacher" Hasty. In 1964, East Union High School graduated their first desegregated class. Free HTML5 Template


Marshville has been home to veterans since the mid 18th century when the settlers of Beaver Dam returned from war to find their lives changed. Free HTML5 Template

Local Artists

Pictured above are paintings by local artist Mary Erickson. Other well known artists from Marshville include Hooper Turner, Sally Griffin, Richard Smith, Frank Faulkner, Louise Napier, and Stewart Allen.

Family and Learning

Other Exhibits

  • Medical
  • Railroad
  • Working Train Exhibit
  • Poultry
  • Early Settlers of Marshville
  • Latin-Hispanic American History(Coming Soon)

Our Collection

We are fortunate to have many different exhibits here at MMCC, so many in fact that it would be inefficient to list them all here. If you're looking for information or an exhibit that you don't see here on the website, please feel free to contact us here, we may have further information to help!