Our Partners

With the generosity of our partners combined with the hard work and dedication of our volunteers, we have been able to create a
unique place for everyone to learn about Marshville, it's culture, and it's history. We are sincerely thankful and apppreciative of
all the help and donations we've received. We would especially like to thank the Union County Community Arts Council, the North Carolina Arts Council's Grassroots Campaign, The Pee Dee Electric Company, our volunteers, and the Town of Marshville.

Union County Community Arts Council

The Union County Community Arts Council has provided grants for MMCC Since 2012, they have sponsored classes ranging from genealogy to Christmas ornament making.

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North Carolina Arts Council

The North Carolina Arts Council's Grassroots Campaign has provided grants allowing us to host events such as the Spring Plant Exchange and the Fall Vintage Fashion Show

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Pee Dee Electric Company

The Pee Dee Electric Company has provided grants for a new HVAC system, spotlights, and enhanced lighting along the art wall.


Our volunteers have helped us in many ways. Setting up events, providing materials, and helping plan events are just part of what our volunteers do for us.

Town Of Marshville

The Town Of Marshville has helped us by providing a building, new flooring, internet service, and restoration services for our museum.